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Hard drives are very fragile devices and require special attention when being shipped. We cannot accept responsibility for shipping damage to these devices so pack them according to the following instructions:

  • Remove Hard Disk from computer. Be sure to touch something metal going to ground yourself before handling static sensitive devices.

  • If possible put the hard drive in an antistatic bag. Available for most computer stores.

  • Pack each drive separately.

  • Position the bagged drive in foam or at least 3 inches of crumpled newspaper inside a rigid cardboard box, insuring that the drive is completely surrounded. This will act as a cushion should the box be dropped.

  • Put a fragile label on the box in numerous locations

  • Ship the drive using Fed-Ex, UPS or DHL to us. Insure that you get a tracking number. All shipments must be prepaid.

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TLC Technology specializing in: Raid data recovery, computer data recovery, crashed hard drives, Linux recovery, Excel and QuickBooks files, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook express, email files. Free evaluations in most cases. Located in Omaha Nebraska and servicing the Midwest and Central United States. If you have experienced data loss and your computer hard drive has crashed leave your recovery to TLC.

* Free evaluation in most cases, call for details.